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Omar Acosta receives recognition at the Global Music Awards

Venezuelan flutist, composer and arranger Omar Acosta won “Silver Medal – Outstanding Achievement” in the categories of composition (Choreto), trio (Omar Acosta) and album (Latitud) at the Global Music Awards.
These awards were created to serve as a showcase for original music, in addition to promoting independent music and emerging talents internationally.
This award recognizes the work done by Omar Acosta Trío on his album Latitud. The musical formation is complemented by the Argentine guitarist Sergio Menem and the Venezuelan percussionist Carlos Franco.


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Omar Acosta is an accomplished artist, with wide perspective and extraordinary vision. It is profound and eclectic, and does not compromise its artistic integrity under any aspect. He is a complete musician: virtuous flutist performer, exercising a plurality of varied traditions; composer with ‘own light’, with a creative language nourished by elements of the aforementioned musical cultures, without falling into superficial ‘pastiche(…)

Pedro Eustache – Musician, composer and player of wind instruments


“With whom I would have taken off my hat if I had wore it, it would have been with the grouping of Omar Acosta, Venezuelan who was the superlative of this XXI Sabandeño Festival. Omar, his director, plays the flute magically, without fuss, without extravagance, with smooth flourishes and without pitfalls or stridencies”.

Evaristo Fuentes, Diario Tenerife Norte, Canary Islands


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