LATITUD, Omar Acosta

LATITUD, Omar Acosta Trío

Band : Omar Acosta
Title : Latitud
Label : Discografia



Flutes: Omar Acosta
Guitar: Sergio Menem
Percussion: Carlos Franco

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“Omar Acosta, universal flutist: apotheosis presentation in Madrid of ‘Latitude’ with his Trio.

Simple, endearing, close, fresh and as serious as fun. This is the composer and flutist Omar Acosta and that is how it is shown or not on a stage.”

           Article by José-Miguel Vila For the Critical Journal: Read more


CD credits:

General Production and recording: Omar Acosta
Audio Edition: Justo Morao
Mixing and Mastering: Alonso Lacruz and Justo Morao
Guitar recording: Sergio Menem and Omar Acosta
Photography: Rubén Montes
Design and illustration: Juan Cristóbal Acosta
Texts: Sergio Figallo

Upcoming performances:




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