Sola - Música para flauta


Band : Omar Acosta
Title : Sola

Recorded in 2007, Sola contains a repertoire for flute mostly composed by Omar Acosta where, alone or with such Sui generis formations as flute and voice, flute and “cajón” or flute and “tinajas”, among others, we enter a personal world with very special flavors and seasonings.

This album is dedicated specifically to the transverse flute, a daring work where most of the songs are solo flute pieces composed by Omar.

It also has some special guests who give this album an intimate touch but full of surprises.

Diego Alvarez, also known as “El Negro”, accompanies him in “Fantasía por Seguiriya”, a theme based on the flamenco genre or “palo” called “Seguiriya” where the timbres and the virtuosity of both are mixed, leaving space for a spectacular single of “cajón   by “El Negro”.

In the theme “Africando” invites Nestor Guitierrez “El Chivo” where 5 flutes and 6 African percussions are combined.

In “Merengue Jhaptal” invites Carlos Franco in the tinaja, to make a duet inspired by the Japtal Hindu rhythm and the Venezuelan merengue.

In “El Ave María de Bach / Gounod is invited the singer Carolina Prieto where we can listen to a very original version for flute and voice; also, we can listen to this duo in the popular Catalan song “El canto de los pájaros”




1-Azuucaa!!* For 5 flutes
2-Natalia ( Antonio Lauro) ** Single Flute
3-Pasaje en Flauta* Single Flute
4-Solo de Pajarillo* Single Flute
5-Sola* Single Flute
6-Theme and variations on a villancico-popular Spanish* Single Flute
7-Fantasía por Seguiriya* Flauta and flamenco cajón
8-Merengue Japtal* Flute and tinajas
9-Ave Maria – J.S.Bach-Gounod** Flute and soprano
10-El canto de los pájaros- P. Catalán Flute and soprano
11-La comparsa – Ernesto. Lecuona** Single Flute
12-Africando*  6 Flutes and percussion

* Composed by Omar Acosta

** Arrangement for flute by Omar Acosta

Guest musicians:

Carolina Prieto, voice song  9 y 10
Diego Alvarez , cajón flamenco, palmas and jaleos in song 7
Carlos Franco, tinajas in song 8
Nestor Gutierrez
Djembe,Doum-Doum, Chékere y Talking drum in song 12
Omar Acosta: Flautas, Bass Drumm en 11, voces and pedal in song 8

General production, recording and editing: Omar Acosta
Recording: Carlos Plaza in songs 3 y 5
Mix and Maste: José Mendoza
Graphic design: Mónica Sagues



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