Son Como Son


Band : Omar Acosta

First production of Omar Acosta, in trio format, in Spain. Musicians Jesús “Pinguino” González on guitar and Carlos Franco on percussion completed the line-up. This work is the result of a full schedule of performances throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

The content of this CD summarizes a bit the themes of the first concerts of the group and goes through joropos, Venezuelan merengues and sones and milking songs, ranging from such well known songs as “Caballo viejo” by Simón Díaz or “Anxiety” by Chelique Sarabia, to pieces of more recent composers like Aquilez Báez, Jesús “Pingüino” González and Omar Acosta himself.



Omar Acosta Trío
Son Como Son
1999 (CD)


01- Eesoo! (Omar Acosta) 2:35
02- El Parrandero (Daniel Maiz) 1:56
03- Currucha (Eduardo Plaza) 1:28
04- Pasaje En Flauta (Omar Acosta) 4:49
05- Rabino (Jesús González) 2:27
06- Ansiedad (Chelique Saravia) 2:46
07- Canto De Ordeño (Antonio Estévez) 2:58
08- Calipso Del Callao -Metro- (Omar Acosta) 3:54
09- Caballo Viejo (Simón Díaz) 2:21
10- La Mula con Pajarillo y Estribillo (Alejandro Vargas) 4:56
11- Bambuco (Aquiles Báez) 3:37
12- Do Bandolim (Omar Acosta) 3:53
13- Cucarachero (Omar Acosta) 2:33
14- El Diablo Suelto (Heraclio Hernández) 2:31
15- Carolina (Omar Acosta) 2:27
16- Son Como Son (Omar Acosta) 4:45


Flute: Omar Acosta

Guitar & Cuatros: Jesús “Pinguino” González

Tambor, Tinaja, Maracas & Percussion: Carlos Franco Vivas

Other Credits

Produced by: Omar Acosta

Recorded & Mixed: Javier Pérez Mejias at Tritono

Graphic Design: Javier Pérez Mejias

Cover Photo: Martín Emilio Castillo Morales

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