Omar Acosta Trío at La Côte Flûte Festival

La Côte Flûte Festival

05 Oct 2018


Venue : Gland (Suiza)
Address : Salle des Colonnes, Grand-Champ (Gland)
Contact Website :

Omar Acosta Trio at La Côte Flûte Festival

Omar Acosta Trio will be at La Côte Flûte Festival.

The Côte Flûte Festival is an annual flute festival that will take place this year between 04 and 07 October in the town of Gland (Switzerland). Omar Acosta Trio will participate in this annual event.

In this edition Omar Acosta Trio will share stage with other great artists of the flute. They will play this October 5 at the Salle des Colonnes from 9:45 p.m.

The audience can enjoy themes such as: Solo de pajarillo, Choreto, Lillly and Sola, composed by the flute player and composer Omar Acosta, as well as Bordel 1900 (Astor Piazzolla), La Comparsa (Ernesto Lechona) and Prelude by Johann-Sebastian Bach with arrangements by Omar Acosta himself.

On Saturday October 6th they will also play but on the radio show “Le kiosque à Musiques” along with other great names of music.

The Côte Flûte Festival is an initiative that alternates between a festival and an educational day (Intermezzo), which seeks to promote the flute and participation in the cultural and musical education of children and young people in Switzerland.





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