CD Venezolada (Solo Mp3)


Venezolada – Omar Acosta Ensamble (1992)

With music composed and arranged by Omar Acosta and interpreted by his ensemble formed by excellent emerging artists at the time and now part of the new Venezuelan musical history. In this work we can already glimpse the eclectic vocabulary of Omar’s music, including novelties such as a flute chorus joropo; a single flute track called ‘Pajarillo’, which was later performed and recorded by a large number of flute players; ‘Diablo suelto’, another track which became one of the most played versions by flutists; and more surprises that identify this record as one of the most important in modern Venezuelan popular music.

Critics:“With whom I would have taken off my hat if I had wore it, it would have been with the grouping of Omar Acosta, Venezuelan who was the superlative of this XXI Sabandeño Festival.” Omar, his director, plays the flute magically, without fuss, without extravagance, with smooth flourishes and without pitfalls or stridencies”.

Evaristo Fuentes, Diario Tenerife Norte (Canarias), September 9, 1999

“Omar Acosta occupies an important place in the transmission of instrumental Latin music; the result is none other than that of a refined version of Latin American popular creation”.

Daniel Salas. Crítico de arte, Diario El Nacional

Omar Acosta is part of a musical generation where a solid academic background and a genuine feeling for popular music of traditional roots coexist. It is, in my opinion, a unique talent that forms a link that unites Venezuelan musical tradition with its possibilities today and its projection towards the future “.

Federico Ruiz. Compositor

“The music of Omar Acosta is without a doubt very original and creative. When listening to his compositions, we are facing a valuable proposal and a new contribution to the repertoire of the young generation of Venezuelan popular music creators with folk roots. The timbre, melodic and harmonic richness of the pieces, as well as the technical skill and execution of the performers, place this work among the best of its kind .”

Alfredo Rugeles. Director Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar

“(… )Works such as that of Omar Acosta, in which tradition and innovation unite, come to ratify the validity of a type of new Venezuelan music that has found in the contemporary folk-academic alliance the key to its creation and the incentive to continue developing it “.

Margarita D` Amico. Diario El Nacional (Venezuela)

“(…)We were impressed by his performance in the piece ‘Solo de Pajarillo‘ in which Omar Acosta lavishes bravery and technique in trying to overcome the natural limits of the flute, by imitating the polyphonic inflections of a llanera bandola (typical instrument of Venezuela).”

Pedro López. Pianista y compositor



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*All tracks by Omar Acosta, except track 05 by Heraclio Hernández,
track 07 lyrics by M. Felipe Rugeles and track 10 by Ricardo Sandoval.
Flute: Omar Acosta
Cuatro: Gabriel Morales
Mandolin: Ricardo Sandoval
Acoustic Bass: Ramsés Colón
Guest Musicians:
Vocals: Carolina Prieto (track 07)
Oboe: Andrés Eloy Molina (tracks 01, 06)
Clarinet: Alejandro Montes De Oca (tracks 06, 11)
Cuatro: Julio Andrade (track 12)
Guitar: Aquiles Báez (tracks 01, 02, 03, 12)
Rayman Seijas (tracks 04, 07, 09)
Claudio Sandoval (track 10)
Tambourine: Carlos Rojas (track 09)
Piano: Victor Mestas (tracks 06, 11)
Other Credits
Produced by Omar Acosta
Executive Production: Producciones Musicarte
Production Coordination: Carolina Ramírez
Recorded & Mixed by Gustavo Rodríguez & Rafael Rondón
Recorded & Mixed at Arte Digital (Caracas)
Graphic Design: Rosana Faría