Entre Dos Mundos


Entre Dos Mundos of the Terra Ensamble

The dance and music group Terra Ensamble, led by Omar Acosta, captures on this CD the audio of their show Entre Dos Mundos, where 12 artists in a set designed to describe the encounter between two worlds. Highlighting mainly Afro-Venezuelan and flamenco styles.
The rich combination of musical colors and the interpretation of these by Afro-Latin dancers and flamenco dancers make Terra a striking and original audiovisual experience.


Entre Dos Mundos by Omar Acosta, reflects in a truthful way the current muticultural reality of a sound artist of our times, without excuses, with brutal honesty, and marked equally with deep seriousness and humor (…)”

Pedro Eustache. Multidirectional sollist of flutes and composer

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Composition and arrangements, flutes, winds (Wx5) and musical direction: Omar Acosta

Special guest: La Truco, bailaora

Afro-Cuban dance: René Otamendi
Bailaor: Stefano Domic

Violoncello: Miguel Rossell
Flamenco guitar and flamenco guitar solo music: Jesús Pimentel
Electric guitar and four Venezuelan: Daniel Luzardo
Double bass: José Vicente Muñoz
Battery and minor percussion: Carlos Franco
Flamenco cajón: Víctor Monje
Afro-Venezuelan voice and drums: Carlos Talez
Afro-Venezuelan Drums: Alex Aguirre
Flamenco singer: Antorrín Heredia
Palmas: Nuria Cazorla
Mixing and mastering: Miguel Ángel de la Torre (Graudio Producciones)
Video direction and editing: José del Río
Recorded in the spaces of the Flamenco and Spanish Dance Art Center Amor de Dios


All music and arrangements by Omar Acosta, except: Alma LLanera, composed by Pedro Elias Gutiérrez (1870-1954).

Guitar solos by Terra and Gaia by Jesús (Cuxus) Pimentel.


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